CryHavoc Theatre Company was formed as a new platform to create. To seek that in-between space where writers and theatre makers can feel supportedand to collaborate with like-minded people to tell stories.

We produce and support the development of work; find possibilities for both emerging writers and established makers trying out new things.

How do we do this? We seek collaboration, look outside the possibilities of traditional theatre spaces and forms, we run workshop programmes and provide long term development of the work that really grabs us.


Claudine Sinnett


Claudine Sinnett originally graduated as an actor from the Arts Educational Drama school in London, worked as an actor for many years, lived in New York whilst studying Meisner Technique and she is now a theatre director, dramaturg, and teacher who has worked in many of the UK theatres including the Edinburgh Festival and Brighton Fringe.

She is interested in encouraging actors and writers to have a strong voice in theatre and has worked alongside practitioners in verbatim and documentary theatre style. She works closely with writers to encourage and support them develop truthful pieces of theatre. 

During her time building Cry Havoc, audiences have consistently and enthusiastically received her artistic work. Claudine is committed to forging meaningful, long-lasting artistic partnerships with artists and companies across the country and abroad, to develop and cement the creative work that is produced through Cry Havoc.

Linda Tudor


Linda loves stories and how they can bring about change and explore possibility; the way they can make us think differently. Theatre can tell those stories. Improvisation, spontaneity, playfulness; these are all things she enjoys, things she celebrates.

Linda has a particular interest in new writing for theatre and its development, in encouraging that development and in finding the audiences for that work. “Here at Cry Havoc, we want to open doors and open eyes; inspire quest. Collaborate across art forms and see where we get to.”

As an arts strategist, project manager and theatre maker Linda has worked as a teacher, theatre education director and young people’s theatre producer. She is a Gold Arts Award assessor, a trustee of Lewes Live Literature and a non-executive director of Culture Shift. She has also been an advisor for the Arts Council on young people’s work and a board member of Creative Future.

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© Copyright 2019 Cry Havoc Theatre Company

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