Devil of Choice

This new play by Maggie Bofill, a member of Labyrinth Theatre company NYC is a dark, sexy and funny tale about the temptations we face when we find ourselves in a room with the devil... and what happens when we gamble with our soul. When Pepper and her husband Salvatore meet Delia, a volatile triangle of dark, passionate and comic twists and turns are put in motion. When faced with your demons, what are the choices you'll make to save yourself? What do you want? What do you deserve? What can you get away with? A collaboration between Cry Havoc and LAByrinth Theater Company NYC.

Edinburgh Festival 2019- Assembly Rooms

Performed by: Maggie Bofill, Justin Reinsilber and Paula PIzzi
Dates: 02/08/19-17/08/19

Directed by Claudine Sinnett


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